Poker Penguin’s
Genesis NFT Collection

Poker Penguin is an Ethereum based NFT collection with a set of 936 digital collectibles. Holders will gain access to perks such as membership, NFT coaching, access to an exclusive community discussing stocks, crypto and NFTs and special events such as meet-ups, private yacht parties. Each penguin has a unique set of traits and gives the owners access to the Smart Money Trader’s extensive connections.

Poker Penguin was formed during the pandemic: the Poker Penguins united virtually and found a like-minded community that has shared interests in poker, taking risks and NFTs.
Poker Penguin’s Genesis NFT collection of 936 digital collectibles was launched on Elemint in May 2022.
As a project by The Systematic Trader program group in Singapore, Poker Penguin aims to foster a safe space for like-minded entrepreneurs and traders with similar vision to navigate crypto and web3 through education. The project also wants to create an exclusive community in Singapore to facilitate one’s financial literacy and investing skills. Each unique NFT provides access to the community events and real-world benefits.
Roadmap V1.0

Poker Penguin is a community that aims to educate collectors in the NFT space. We strive to build a community where everyone can find support in our Poker Penguin’s community.


    Launch of Poker Penguin’s Genesis NFT collection

Q1 2022
  • Finalize NFT course and events
  • Smart contract set-up
  • Generative art creation
  • Collaboration with Elemint
Q2 2022
  • Exclusive networking events
  • Metajam event for holders
Q3 2022
  • Course Pass airdrop to holder
  • Poker Penguin v2 planning
Q4 2022
  • NFT Course for holders
  • Physical event for holders
The Team
Collin Seow
Qi Yu
Community Manager
Community Manager